About the I Feel Slovenia brand

I feel Slovenia is the national brand of Slovenia showcasing its identity, which cannot be expressed only with images, but must also be felt and experienced - with words, sounds, colors, touch, actions and above all experiences. The national brand represents Slovenia at home and abroad, combines the very best bits of Slovenia, highlights Slovenian character, and reflects the characteristics of Slovenia as a sustainable green destination and as a country of economic success, sporting achievements, cultural values and unique features of Slovenia.

A brand of superlatives

I feel Slovenia communicates the very core of the Slovenian character. Slovenians are born to push the natural boundaries; they ski from where no one has skied before; climb where no one has climbed before; swim through the waters where no one has swum before; cycle the distances that others cannot. It is the love of being active that makes Slovenians push the boundaries which nature has set, notwithstanding respect towards balance, security and nature.

Green is the way to go

Slovenia is one of the most sustainable countries in the world and the distinctive green colour of the I feel Slovenia brand will remind you of that. 60 percent of the country is covered by forests and more than 40 percent of the Slovenian territory is protected nature areas. In addition, you can experience sustainability everywhere you go: in outdoor activities and in discovering cities and culture, natural spas, sports venues, and cuisine. Unique boutique experiences like no other in the world await you here. Once you experience Slovenia, you will want to take it with you! Choose a souvenir to remind you of all the great moments you had!!

Experience Slovenia. Your own way.

Slovenia is perfect for people who want to live life to its fullest, in their own way. Also on holidays. Whatever experience you choose, make it your way. We value your authenticity and individuality. This is why 5* experiences await you in Slovenia, tailored to your wishes. The products and souvenirs of the My way series also reflect an authentic and original attitude to life.