Product delivery

At we strive for the fastest possible delivery of ordered goods. Orders placed before 12:00 are usually shipped the same working day.

Product delivery in Slovenia

The shipment is shipped with GLS d.o.o. The shipment is expected to be delivered within 1-3 working days, in the morning hours. In the event that the customer is not at the designated place at the time of delivery, the delivery person will leave a message with further instructions. EUR, delivery is free.

On the website we offer you various delivery options:

GLS d.o.o.

the cost of delivery is uniform for the whole of Slovenia and amounts to 4.88 euros including VAT. In case of cash on delivery payment, you will be charged a surcharge of 2.44 euros per redemption shipment. This method of delivery is advised if you have the possibility to pick up the package in the morning or it is convenient for you to pick up the package at GLS Parcel Shops (ParcelShop units) or GLS Paketomats. You can see the location of GLS Parcel shops and GLS Parcelshops at the following link: . FAQs and answers regarding GLS delivery are available at the following link: https://gls-group .eu/SI/en/frequently-asked-recipients.

Personal pickup

at the headquarters of Mediatis, d.o.o., Vodnikova cesta 130, 1000 Ljubljana. Payment is only possible in cash. In any case, the order must be placed with an order in the online store. You will receive a notification by e-mail when your shipment is ready for collection. Pickup of the shipment is possible during the working hours of our company, that is, every working day from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. We ask that you collect the goods within 3 working days of receiving notification that the goods are ready for collection, otherwise the order will be cancelled.


Product delivery to EU countries

Estimated delivery times are listed for each country separately. Delivery time may depend on holidays in the sender's and receiver's country, as well as any extraordinary events.

AUSTRIA GLS 7.95 € (delivery time 1-3 working days)
BELGIUM GLS 11.95 € (delivery time 2-3 working days)
BULGARIA GLS 9.95 € (delivery time 3 working days)
CZECH REPUBLIC GLS 8.95 € (delivery time 1-3 working days)
DENMARK GLS 11.95 € (delivery time 2-3 working days)
ESTONIA GLS 14.95 € (delivery time 3-4 working days)
FINLAND GLS 19.95 € (delivery time 4-6 working days)
FRANCE GLS 14.95 € (delivery time 2-3 working days)
GREECE GLS 12.95 € (delivery time 3-4 working days)
CROATIA GLS 8.95 € (delivery time 1-4 working days)
IRELAND GLS 20.95 € (delivery time 3-5 working days)
ITALY GLS 12.95 € (delivery time 1-4 working days)
LATVIA GLS 13.95 € (delivery time 3-5 working days)
LITHUANIA GLS 12.95 € (delivery time 4-5 working days)
LUXEMBOURG GLS 11.95 € (delivery time 2-3 working days)
HUNGARY GLS 8.95 € (delivery time 1-3 working days)
MONACO GLS 14.95 € (delivery time 2-3 working days)
GERMANY GLS 8.95 € (delivery time 1-3 working days)
NETHERLANDS GLS 10.95 € (delivery time 2-3 working days)
POLAND GLS 7.95 ehours (delivery time 2-3 working days)
PORTUGAL GLS 14.95 € (delivery time 3-5 working days)
ROMANIA GLS 9.95 € (delivery time 2-3 working days)
SLOVAKIA GLS 7.95 € (delivery time 1-3 working days)
SERBIA GLS 15.95 € (delivery time 3-4 working days)
SPAIN GLS 15.95 € (delivery time 3-5 working days)
SWEDEN GLS 16.95 € (delivery time 2-4 working days)
SWITZERLAND GLS 12.95 € (delivery time 2-4 working days)
TURKEY GLS 51.95 € (delivery time 6 working days)
UNITED KINGDOM GLS 13.95 € (delivery time 2-3 working days)
   Ljubljana, 19 January 2023